Foreign Electricity Converter



When traveling, you need to ensure you have the proper foreign electricity converter (sometimes called an adapter) so that your cameras, computer, and other travel items work. Even more important, you want to make sure you do not ruin the appliances electrical circuits. Sometimes the converter may also be called a foreign power converter.

Discover what type of electricity foreign countries use and ensure your electricity needs are met before you travel. Find retailers that offer foreign electricity converters and adapters.

All countries in the world uses either a 110-120 or 220-240 volt electricity system. For example, 110-120 volt is used in the United States and it is very common in North, Central and some parts of South America, the Caribbean, and parts of the Pacific. On the other hand, 220-240 volt is used about everywhere else. Some countries actually use both.

If you are traveling overseas and you plan on using any item that require electricity or is an appliance, you will need to acquire a foreign electricity converter for your travels. You may also need a plug in order to plug your item into a socket.

Note, a plug will not take care of your power needs, but will just allow you to access the socket. If you buy a plug and do not purchase electricity converters or adapters, you are at great risk of ruining your appliances, regardless of whether it is a hair dryer, camera, clock, video game player, etc.

Click on the specific country links on the left for more information about the foreign power converters for that country. Major countries are signaled out. Or click on other to see a list for all other countries and their electricity requirements.






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